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Racism is not stopping. It is happening.

To begin with, I was very shocked after watching the viral video “ Go back to your country”. The video shows that a white woman said to a Latina customer that she wasn’t welcome in the store and needed to go back to where she came from. It was confusing and upsetting for me to realize that racism is an unsolved problem that many minority groups in the US have to face. Although there have been many protests to oppose racism, many politicians and influencers have stood up to protect their race and identity, it is hurtful to know that racism is still widespread and there is risk of facing the same incident in the video anywhere, anytime in our daily life. In regard to Rodriguez, the lady who was criticized for her race by the white woman, I stand by her side and I respect the usage of violence in that case. I think that the white woman is well-deserved for the slap for being rude and disrespectful towards the Latinos.

Another piece of content I want to mention is the article “‘How do you stop these people?’: Trump’s anti-immigrant rhetoric looms over El Paso massacre” by Phillip Rucker. This article is truly horrifying to read for me. As an international student studying in the U.S, I could not believe a former president of the States could give such a message “How do you stop these people? You can’t” when mentioning about the undocumented immigrants, and pleasantly smiled when someone yell “shoot them”. And the consequence of his action was predictable, a 21-year-old white man decided to shoot and kill twenty Latinos in a shopping center in El Paso. It was clear that Trump had been a questionable leader since 2016, and he always promoted racism, hatred , and violence towards immigrants throughout his period. He made the whites believe that it is normal to be racist and use violence on immigrants, and there will be no one to judge them. And if the racism does not stop, it is alright to stand up together to fight for our rights and respect we deserve.

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